Saturday, November 21, 2009

November Quilt Group

Our little quilt group met on Friday, and here are a few photos.
This is Barbara's, made from a block swap the group did a few years ago, before I was part of the group. This one is a cute Dick and Jane quilt by Marsha...

Michelle, our hostess for November's meeting, made this one in red, white, and blue to donate to American Hero Quilts. An injured veteran will love this expression of love.
(Thanks Michelle for the yummy lunch too!)

Terry, one of our long armers, did the quilting on this Halloween Circles for Ardith. This is the back view...

...And here is the front. Yes, circles live on in our group!!

Terry brought her beautiful blackwork embroidery quilt.

Check out those mitered corners, the perfect embroidery, and the wavy cross hatch quilting...

Here's the pieced back...

This Christmas circle quilt by Terry is from our block swap we did over a few months last year. It's been fun to see how everyone put these together, and how the different border fabrics really influences the overall feel of the quilts.

This one is by Nan, and it has a more traditional feel that makes the circles remind me more of ornaments...
Denise, our resident paper-piecer, shared a little work-in-progress...

... And this fall piece with log cabins and leaves.

Some how I missed getting photos of Helen's! (Sorry Helen!!) And I know I missed a few other quilts too. I'll try to be more organized with next month's pics!!
I brought a couple works in progress, but will share those with you in another post.


  1. All the quilts look great but my favorite are the circle ones. I want to make one.

  2. Love the quilts. I have to say I love the circle quilts also. But, I need to get some Dick and Jane fabric because that's how I learned to read. Good memories. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

  3. I love the Blackwork quilt. Any idea where she got the Halloween designs. I'd love to make some of those.

  4. pmiddlet- I'll ask Terry about it, so check back!

  5. Terry gave me the info on her blackwork Halloween Quilt. It's from Yesterday's Charm, Jolly Hallowe'en, designed by Joyce Saxton. Here's the link: