Monday, November 23, 2009

Yo Yo Cookies

Okay, not real cookies. Just ornaments that remind me of decorated cookies.

I'm participating in an ornament exchange, and this is what I came up with. I wanted to use things I had on hand, and make use of as many recycled or scrap supplies as possible.

The yo-yos are recycled from a dress my friend Monta made for me as a gift years ago. I cut out fabric circles using a CD. (I considered saving them for a circle quilt!) Then I made the yo yos using this handy little tool made by Clover.

The yo yos are sewn through the button centers to the green felted wool leaves and to the batting scrap circles that have been fringed and glittered.
I made a cardboard template to cut out the felted sweater circles and the batting for the stuffing. I trimmed the batting circles about 1/4 inch smaller than the sweater circles. (And for a few, I snipped the little bits left from cutting out the batting circles and used that as stuffing instead. It made for a rounder ornament.)
I made the "hook" from a small twist of tarnished silver pipe cleaner that came on a roll, twisting the loop and then cutting it off the strand with old scissors.

I sandwiched four layers of batting between the sweater layers and blanket stitched them together with 3 strands of embroidery floss. (Insert and sew in the hook with your last few stitches.
Don't these look like cookies?

I debated how I would attach the yo yo part to the cookie part. Sew? Or Glue? I decided to glue.
I used a glue designed to attach embellishments to fabric, and it worked very well. (I could have sewn them to the cookie layer top before blanket stitching, but with the glitter, I didn't want to over handle them. I think it worked well to make them as two units and then attaching them to each other.)
So here they are: recycled dress, skirt, sweaters, and buttons. Scrap batting. New pipe cleaner, glitter, glue, and embroidery floss.

I'm happy with the way this recycling recipe worked out, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the "ornament exchangers" make!!


  1. Dit is veel werk, maar het ziet er echt leuk.

    Groeten Edith

  2. Wow! Those are adorable - and they look good enough to eat! How are you doing - still hobbling around? Hopefully your family is keeping you off your feet and doing the cooking for you - happy Thanksgiving! xo, Nan