Friday, December 4, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another...

Our quilt group had a sew day last winter to make sock quilts. Everyone brought fabric to share, and we made a zillion socks- raw edge applique. We took our socks home to finish the top with our choice of arrangement and borders. I'm sorry, I can't remember who designed this pattern.

The sew day was at my house- that meant itty bitty scraps wound up in my trash. But not for long! I pulled them out, and made a bunch of scrappy abstracts, cut to 3.5 inch finished blocks.

I hung onto the blocks for a while, before deciding what to do with them.

Maybe with yellow to brighten them up?

Or with black for drama?

No, white won't work.

I'm liking this mustard yellow.

Or maybe tomato red...

I decided on little black frames for the "abstracts" along with the red. (Not as orange as this photo...)

I think I may hand quilt this- one more added to my tops-in-need-of-quilting collection!
Make it a wonderful day!


  1. Love the socks quilt and just wondered if you just peiced the socks and then appliqued them on the squares. It turned out very cozy looking and we be a cool litte Christmas quilt.

  2. Love that top! The sashing is perfect!

  3. I just love all of your quilts :) Your blog is great fun for me! Thanks for sharing your creativity and beautiful artwork!

  4. I love the tiny scrappy squares and the red and black make it look so "arty". Cool!

  5. I love the sock quilt, but what you did with the scraps is beautiful!! You are so clever.

  6. The socks are terrific, very frivolous; but your work with the scraps is knockout gorgeous!

  7. Cute sock quilt!! I liked the tomato red sashing-very striking!

  8. Wow!!! I really like how you used the leftovers. Really great!

  9. I LOVE the tiny scraps top. What a great idea!

    I really enjoy hand quilting. It's slow but very rewarding and enjoyable - like quilt zen.

  10. a late comment....but i just "found" you.

    wow somehow the black frames (perhaps) make the abstract pictures look 3-D.

    amazing ~ and so beautiful!!!