Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quilt Group December...

We held our Christmas Show and Tell & Gift exchange. It's always exciting to see what everyone brings- and this year was no exception. After the show and tell, we draw numbers for the gift exchange game. Number one goes first, opens the gift of their choosing, and then the game can get messy! Number 2 can open a new gift or steal- so all sorts of pleading and hiding and plotting occur.

But even with all that, this is what I got! A quilt top by Helen. She said she knew she'd never finish it, and with the pile-o-tops I have, I might not either! But I'm excited to think about it. I may make a border change, and then I can call it a little bit mine too.

I didn't get pics of everything- my memory card was full too soon!

This is a close-up of the red work wall hanging by Terry- it was a very sought-after gift in the exchange. I'm sure you can see why!

This adorable felted bag was brought by Lori. She found it at a cute little shop, so I may have to see if they have more!!

Janet made this special quilt for a horse loving family member. Look at all those tiny 1-inch pieces!

Ardith brought her finished red white and blue beauty...

...and this whole cloth quilt too.

Terry amazed us with this beautiful and symbolic quilt, a gift for one of her daughters...
The kimonos contain symbols as family crests. Terry's work is perfection!
Denise brought her finished sock quilt from our Sew Day... so cozy!

And no meeting of our group would be complete without some circles! I LOVE these that Helen used to make an adorable bag!!! I'm going to have to borrow it and get some more photos for you- it's so cute inside and out! LOVE all that color and pattern!

And here is Nan's WIP using cottages and circles together. The houses are from a swap over at Freda's Hive, and the circle tree idea was floating around flickr, but Nan can't find the owner to thank for the cute idea... It makes me think of a town square with the tree in the middle for everyone to enjoy!
Edit: Thanks to Sue for the tree pattern info: "Christmas Baubles" by Audrey and Maude from Australia. Sue, also an Aussie, said she made three for Christmas gifts this year.


  1. You have such a cool quilt group. As my kids would say "LUCKY!!!!" Thanks for sharing all the beautiful projects. I have been to gift exchanges before where you could "steal" the gifts, but never with a sewing/quilting group. What fun. Enjoy your holidays.

  2. Yeah, what Rene said, on all counts. thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. Oh, it's all good! *snork* I purely LOVE Helen's bag, though, and it gives me ideas! Thanks so much for sharing all your fun, Stephanie!

  4. The circle Christmas tree is called Christmas Baubles by Audrey and Maude great Australian designers - the reason I know is I have made 3 for presents this year. Red and white, purple and white and red, green and gold on bone.
    Your group pictures are great I love the colours of Helen's circles.Have a great Christmas everyone

  5. Oh I would love that bag!! Way quicker than doing the whole quilt thing too. What clever ladies you know, everything is just so beautiful.