Monday, December 14, 2009

The Stockings Were Hung

Our Christmas Stockings have special meaning to me. A LONG time ago, when my twin sister and I were in the second grade, her teacher drew her name for the Christmas gift exchange. (Yes, back then we had Christmas trees, Santa, and all that in school.) Her teacher KNIT her a stocking, and personalized it with my sister's name at the top. My mom, a talented knitter, counted the stitches, made a pattern, and then knit me one so we'd both have the same big stockings with a tree on one side, and Santa on the other.

My mom passed away before I married and had my family, but I have her pattern on graph paper. My mom taught our whole Camp Fire group to knit when I was 9, but unfortunately, I'm not skilled enough at knitting to tackle this detailed work. I've found a couple of people over the years who were willing to make these for our kids, and now for our grandkids. I really should try to learn to make them myself, but for now, I just love pulling these out each year, thinking of, (and missing) my mom. She'd love to have seen all the stockings hung by the chimney with care!


  1. Oh Gosh I forgot about Camp Fire Girls. I was in that after school in 1st and 2nd grades I think. The stockings are lovely and the sentiment that goes with them is sweet and tender. It is so good to have those memories of our wonderful moms.

  2. I know how to knit. But I'm sure I don't it well enough to make these wonderful stockings.

  3. Jed and I love our stockings! I'm sure your mom HAS seen them all hung in a row and I bet it brings a smile to her face! Quite a little legacy she started by knitting that matching stocking. And yes mom, you should learn so we can keep it going!!!