Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

We're good at making a mess...

My friend Karen and I are both the frugal type. We save old cards, and this past weekend we spent some time putting all those bits to new use. (Okay, not all the bits- we'd need at least a month to use up all our treasures!) We made lots of gift tags and some cards too.

These three tags and card were all made from one upcycled card. I love how adding the little jewels gives them some bling. 

These are some of Karen's cute creations...

My daisy punch is my favorite, but next in line are my circle punches. They are great for making tags from Christmas cards-and I added glitter on a few of them for some sparkle. See the country look tags- those are from the outer envelop a calendar came in from a few years ago. Yes, I save everything. And the white string came from a HUGE lifetime-supply sized bolt thrifted from Value Village.

 Good company and making stuff. My idea of a good time! 


  1. I was planning to do a post on my homemade cards just like these ones today, except I forgot! How amazing is that?? I think they actually look better than the original card. You have both done a great job at making so many pretty cards. I love the daisy punch too. Just think of the money you have saved.

  2. what a great idea! my husband was just telling me yesterday that the GIANT box of old cards needed to be trashed ... now i can tell him what we're going to do with all those treasures. love it! :)

  3. beautiful tags and cards - looks like you had such fun - great job, love the bling too

  4. I'm so jealous! They are adorable and I'm sure you had a great time!! Great idea, too...I need to do this...but where oh where do I find the time?!? Oh...maybe I'll stay out of the kitchen for a bit and then I could actually get something done!