Friday, February 12, 2010

Print People

I'm finally posting a few of the fun faces made by the kids as part of our printmaking unit...

It was confusing to figure out the mirrored positions of the plates on the black side to match the printed image on the white side! I especially like the results in this one below where the plate for the blue side of the body was overprinted to see two colors...
I experimented with several different glues, but I think any tacky type of glue works for gluing the foam plates. Some of the pieces were curved, so we glued them and then put a heavy book or something on top until the glue had a chance to set up. I like how they create a checkerboard when displayed together. (I was able to offset them to make that work at one of the schools where I had enough room.)

We tried out a few other printing techniques that I'll share over the next week.

Make it a Wonderful Day!! 


  1. These are fantastic! I'm sharing this post with my coworker. We're going to steal this idea! ; ) jan

  2. Love the Print People! Did you use acrylic or tempera or printing ink? Hard to tell from the photo's. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Pat. We used acrylic paint.

  4. They are Fantastic!
    thanks for sharing.

  5. what a wonderful art project! My pre-k will do something like it
    Thank you for sharing!