Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wool Flowers and Folded Circles

Denise learned how to make these wool flowers, and she said she just couldn't stop! She may put some on a purse, or make a pillow... she added vintage buttons to the centers of hers.

Marsha's making her first circle quilt for a grandson who's on the way... And she came up with a way to cut out circles that's easier for her than cutting all the way around the CD. She folds the circle fabric into quarters, then lines up the edges with the lines she's made on the CD. Then she uses scissors to cut that 1/4 circle arc. I think this works best if you're cutting one circle at a time. I stack my fabrics and cut a bunch at once, turning the fabric on my rotating cutting mat. But this is another way to get there- see which works best for you!

Barbara's working on this cute one for Valentine's Day, and brought it to ask for help deciding on borders...we are an opinionated group, so she got lots of input!!

This is another one by Barbara, to donate to American Hero Quilts. She worked so hard to organize her nine-patches in a PATTERN, but decided it still wound up looking random! No matter, it looks great!

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. Thanks for the kind comment.
    If you have arthritis or shakey hands like I do, folding and cutting a single circle is the only way to do it.

  2. I like the sound of the cutting 1/4 circles. I'm sure I would end up cutting myself. It's probably the reason I still haven't made one.

  3. I love the idea for the circles! The whole circle is bit hard for my hands to manuever, but a 1/4 I could definitely handle. Thanks for posting Marsha's idea!