Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tattered Heart and Crazy Quilt..

This Bull's Eye beauty is by Nan.... Have you checked out her blog, Pots and Pins? She has all sorts of  great recipes and lots of other fun things over there!  She's got a cute wool pomander that I didn't get a photo of- go check it out!

Several years ago, Nan was in another quilt group, and they made crazy quilt blocks as part of an exchange. Nan got her's sewn together this January, and we were all very impressed with the work that went in to each of these blocks. Nan set them in black velvet. So pretty- enlarge the photo so you can see all the details!

Jan made this red and white one to donate to American Hero Quilts. Thanks Jan!!

I showed you this one before Janet had decided what to do for the borders. Now it's all completed.

And Janet also finished her Christmas Circles, and her family enjoyed snuggling in it over the holidays.

  Make it a wonderful day!


  1. There go those lovely circles again! I still love them and still haven't made anything circular yet. Perhaps the next quilt.

  2. ooh I love them all! especially those HEARTS! (and ohh...circles scare me! I dont think I have it in me!! but these are BEAUTIFUL!) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great quilts!!!! I really love the hearts...and the circles! Thanks for sharing.