Thursday, May 19, 2011

Art Bugs

I found these at a thrift store (Value Village)...
I know finding gigantic bugs at a thrift store might send some of you running for the exit. Not me. Especially since they were made of plastic. They were from the Lakeshore company, and in brand new, never opened packaging.

We went over a few interesting facts about bugs and insects before we tackled drawing them. And we created a five-level value scale to practice getting the full range out of our pencils. (We just use #2 Ticonderogas.)

I happened to have some cool insect stickers to add to the bulletin board sign too...

I mounted their fantastic drawings on different shades of green cardstock- the scrapbooking paper cost more than the plastic insects!

We often use photographs as source material for our drawings, but I try to include drawing from 3D objects too. It's such a different experience, translating what you see in real life into a 2D form.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. That was an amazing find. I love thrifting. Once in a blue moon I find something as wonderful. The drawings are well done, too. jan

  2. Love the fly (or cicada) walking off the page near the end. What a great teaching tool.