Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roll Over Beethoven...

I just couldn't resist...
I saw him on the shelf at a thrift store, his white plaster eyes just staring back at me. I walked past, but then had to go back. I picked him up, put him back on the shelf a couple of times...But he just had to come home with me. And Art Club transformed him.

Whenever we do paper mache, we have acrylic paint left on our palletes. Some of it gets used by the next class, and sometimes I can scrape it into lidded containers. But a lot gets thrown away. Beethoven came to the rescue!

I let the kids use any leftover paint. They had a blast! The first class was the last to see him all white like a blank canvas. Three classes painted on him so there are layers of paint on many parts as each artist had a new vision of what Beethoven's bust needed. And at the end of the last class, I added a few pattern details too.

I took him home and sprayed him with a clear varnish. The next week, we presented him to the music teacher, who was thrilled to have him on display in her classroom.

The other day, she brought me a smaller bust of Chopin, hoping we can transform as well as we did Beethoven. (Maybe at our Art Club year-end party!!)

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. I always knew it, but now you've confirmed - Beethoven ROCKS!

  2. How cool is that? Wow!
    I am smiling ear to ear. Looks like you did have a blast!

  3. By far one of the coolest things you (and your kids) have ever done!!

  4. Oh, he looks a million times better now!

  5. A make over fitting the worlds first rock star! He reminds me of David Bowie's stage make up during his "Screaming Lord Byron" phase. Awesome-ness!