Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Royal Meeting, Continued

We always have a good time sharing quilts-old, new, and in the works. This is one Lori put together a while back when our group did a "strip" exchange. Each month, we had an assigned type of block (triangles, rectangles, appique, etc...). We each chose the colors we wanted our quilt strip to be, and Lori wisely chose red and white!

This year, we're exchanging requested blocks. This is the assembled blocks we gave to Dawn last month- this is for a breast cancer event and auction, Play for Pink. Love the floating star effect!

This giant quilt is also Dawn's, back from the long armer...

And Helen wowed us with another bright and beautiful quilt made from those versatile half square triangles! (I tried to sneek this home with me, but Helen was watching...)

Denise brought these great thrift store finds!! They are embroidered flour sack dish cloths, though we all agreed, a table runner or pillows would be a wonderful use for these carefully embroidered pieces.

Nan shared her cute Easter quilt, her original design. Could a pattern be in the works??

Marsha brought her quilt she's working on- such cheery colors. She wanted quilting advice, though I don't think she needs it!

Thank you to Helen and Barbara for bringing beautiful baby blankets! They are on their way to Preemptive Love, by way of Iraqi Bundles of Love. (And thank you Kate for making a bunch of fleece blankets with your girls from church in NYC!!! I know you went to a lot of work to make that happen!!)

Here are the blocks requested by Ardith- can't wait to see how this looks when you put it all together!

That's all my photos of quilts- I missed some for sure!! And you'll have to come back tomorrow for the High Tea portion of our Royal Meeting...

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