Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nick Cave at SAM

Don't miss it!
Nick Cave's exhibit, Meet Me at the Center of the Earth, is BEAUTIFUL!

We loved his colorful,wonderful "Sound Suits". His first pieces were made from twigs that rustled when worn, hence the name....) He also had some large, round wall pieces that I loved too.

I couldn't take photos, but this is an image from the card I purchased. The costumes/art/sculptures are mostly made from found objects and recycled materials. There is a strong connection to African ceremonial clothing, along with a great "outsider art" sensibility. (Though Nick Cave is hardly an outsider- he has an art degree and is director of the Graduate fashion program at the School of the Art Intstitutes of Chigago.)

The show ends June 5th. We may have to go see it again!

Make it a Wonderful Day!

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