Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And a few more from Helen...

These are the last photos from our February meeting... and they are ALL Helen's handiwork!

She said she's trying to finish up a few that have been hanging around for a while...

This beauty is only two fabrics, in simple squares, but look at all that movement!

And Helen has taken our circle traditon to new heights with this one. Can I just say I LOVE this quilt!!!

This is one Helen's been working on for a while. The giant circles are turned edge, the colors are out of this world yummy...

And this pieced bits border is just the perfect finishing touch.
I can't wait to see these quilted! (I LOVE this one too!)

Helen hand quilted this cozy Christmas quilt...

...And Helen made this one to give to someone special. I know she'll love the soft peachy-pink colors.

 (Someday I'll tell you about the SURPRISE quilt show we held for Helen a while back... a one woman show of her beautiful work!)

I'm so glad I get to enjoy the creativity of all of the women in our group-every month I'm inspired by each of them.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. I'm so glad we get to see these quilts again and again. Helen really stole the show - I love what she comes up with - you, Helen and Joyce are cut from the same cloth - such unique and wonderful designs! The three of you should do a quilt book!

  2. Wow those circle quilts are awesome! Great work and inspiration..

  3. So beautiful! I agree with Pots & Pins - the 3 of you come up with such beautiful, unique, colorful quilts. You all have a gift!