Friday, March 12, 2010

And Still Counting...

I find it amazing that in all the generations of humankind, we still haven't figured out how to settle our differences. Without war.

Maybe it's just the nature of things. But really, isn't war a bad idea?

Caron is an artist who wanted us to think a little more deeply about the price of war. I found out about her project and so I did a little bit to help.

She's putting together 6-inch mini quilts, one for each American soldier killed in the Iraq war. And on each block, 212 black beads or French knots represent the number of Iraqis killed for every American killed in the war. The blocks are pinned together, and purple beads added to the pins represent the scores of wounded.  

She mailed me the little quilts, and I added the knots. The arrangement of the knots or beads is up to you, as long as the arrangement is abstract. The meaning is left up to the viewer. 

If you'd like to help or learn more about this project, go to

Make it a Wonderful Day!

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  1. What A beautiful post! Thanks so much for helping with this! The more people who help, the greater the sense of community involvement, the more meaningful this becomes.