Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilter's Anonymous

This weekend was the 29th Annual Quilter's Anonymous show at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds.

This was my favorite quilt.

(My favorite of the ones I saw! I just realized when looking at the program, I only went to ONE building. The show was in TWO buildings. Bummer. I didn't think I was going to have time to go to the show, so didn't ask anyone to go with me. If someone had gone with me, THEY would have known the show was in TWO buildings. I need a keeper, honestly.)

But it's still my favorite. I love the polka dots and the flowers. And I LOVE the hand quilting.

It wasn't the most beautiful quilt. The biggest or the most impressive. The finest or most perfect. 

 But I love it's happy attitude.

I'll share some more from the show this week. And our quilt group meets on Friday!!
 (Didn't we just meet?? Time just flies by!!)

Make it a Wonderful Day!!


  1. I love that quilt also. It reminds me of my granny. She made quilts like this but all quilts that were for beds and use. Thanks for sharing. Karen

  2. My friend LeeAnn, a wonderful quilter and a friend! I am glad you posted her quilt! It brought a smile once again! Never get tired of seeing this quilt and all others that were inspired by that book!

  3. What a great string quilt! Looking at it I would never think, oh a string quilt. But it is. And I adore it. A perfect way to make scraps interesting.