Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pinwheels for American Heroes

I've told you about American Hero Quilts before...

We've held sew days to make quilt tops to donate, and our quilt show raised funds.

We look forward to when Sue lets us know that no more quilts are needed.
That there are no more injured veterans. 

But until then, we keep doing what we can to help. Our American Hero project this year is to make 4 of these blocks to bring to our group meetings each month. Any red, any blue, any white/cream.

Each month, one member of the group will take the blocks home and assemble the quilt top. The arrangement of the blocks will be up to that person.

I'm making up a bunch so I'll have them ready for each month.

The finished quilts will be scrappy because we're exchanging blocks,  but I couldn't help laying them out to see how they'd look arranged as pinwheels.

Would you like to help? If you'd like to make some of these blocks, I'll post the pattern. Let me know! We'll make you honorary members of our little group, and you can touch someone who will appreciate your support and love.

Make it a Wonderful Day!


  1. These are great!!! Love the fabrics and the pattern.

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  3. Sue, I'll see if I can fix the ad problem!!!
    Thanks for letting me know about it. -Stephanie

  4. I'd love to make some of these and send them to you. I have lots of americana red/white/blue fabrics. Can you email me some dimensions?