Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art in the Soup

Here are a few more pencil drawings done by my Art Club Artists, grades 1-6. Along with learning about form, we worked on getting a range of values from our regular Ticonderoga pencils. (This little group in the photo below are some of the samples  started as demos with my classes, not finished drawings. Each of the kids made a value scale, first in little boxes, then without.)

I had a variety of papers, some with texture, some smooth.

Peppers, onions, and garlic are fun to draw. I loved how the kids could see that some of the peppers looked like cubes, the onions spheres, and the garlics a sphere with a cone on the top.

After we finished our drawings, I took the veggies home and made "Art Soup"...

Art Soup
Roast the peppers (4 or 5 red peppers)   in a 500 degree oven. Once the peppers are blackened, carefully put the hot peppers in a bowl and seal them in with plastic wrap to steam. (This will loosen the skins.)

While they steam, in a large pan with a T. of vegetable oil, saute the chopped onions (1 or 2), along with carrots (5 or 6) and celery ( 5 or 6 ribs and the leafy celery heart too). Add the garlic (4-5 large cloves, minced) , along with some ginger, and a quart of chicken stock
 After the peppers have steamed and cooled enough to handle, peel, seed, and stem. Blend all the ingredients to smooth texture in batches in the blender, seasoning as desired. Serve with a hearty bread and salad greens. 

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  1. Oh now that's funny - art soup! Those drawings are really good. You have some very clever students.