Friday, October 9, 2009

Felted Feline

A couple of birthdays ago, I gave my twin sister the gift of us taking a needle felting class together at a local craft store. She LOVES dogs, and that's what we made in the class. We had a good time laughing together as we poked our puppies into shape.

A few weeks later I met a woman who asked us to come to the County Fair to demonstrate needle felting. Mind you, we'd had about two hours of experience with this craft.

But we went, and we had a good time. Kate was in town, and we made her come with us. She made a purple dog as I recall... or was it blue?? With polka dots???

Since then, I've taught a couple of friends how to make a felted dog, since I'm such an "expert" now.

And I made a kitty for Halloween...

Notice the pumpkin that looks like it's been around for a while? I made that when I was five. And can you see that cute spoon in the front? Nan made that- she made one for each of us in our quilt group. It's a thrifted spoon with a wire-wrapped/beaded/adorable handle.

An antique postcard, dated 1912, is there on the's adressed to "Master Kenneth (can't make out the last name), and the note is signed, "Love from Aunt Flossie". I love stuff like that. All this is displayed on a cake plate in the kitchen so I can enjoy all of my little treasures while I'm cooking.

Have a wonderful fall day!


  1. I love the cute felted kitty...I haven't tried felting, it looks like fun.

  2. Very cute cat! It looks fun to make. I've only tried felting once. Of course I have all the equipment for that too.

    The icing on my cake is fondant. I just think it looks poured on. Great stuff to work with.

  3. I love your cat! It likes like my Axel. :)