Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Quilt Group Halloween

Friday was our monthly Quilt Group Meeting-costumes optional. Last year, I went as a "Quilting Bee", wearing my bee costume and carrying a little quilt. Corny, I know. This year's idea was even cornier. I went as an IRON CHEF...

Get it...IRON CHEF? Oh well, my apron was cute- made by Nan, our Fearful Leader. And my chef's hat included a really cool vintage orange button for the center of my fabric flower. Okay, maybe no costume next year.

Here is a cute pillow by Barbara.

Helen brought these adorable reversable drawstring bags. Here is the tutorial she used:

These are the cute pillows Denise paper pieced...

(We started our meeting with a surprise Grandma-to-be shower for her-grandbaby #1 is on the way!)

I'd been talking to Helen about my wonky quilt with the shot cotton frames. She told me about one of hers from a while back, and I asked her to bring it.

It was a remake/redo of a quilt she wasn't happy with- so she cut it into blocks, added some shot cotton, and this is the result...I loved it!!

And though I'd never seen hers, we were definitely on the same wavelength!

This leaf quilt is a new one by Helen. Her husband said he just loves this one. Now we all want one- Helen's leaves are great, including polka dots and other fun surprises.

Janet's planning on adding another large border to this red/black/white stunner and wanted our advice. I voted for a skinny black and white striped border and then a red with big white polka dots, or maybe just solid black. (I know she'll figure out something!)

Here's another Halloween one from Helen...

It includes blocks made in an exchange in another quilt group from a few years ago...

This one is by Michelle- a Rail Fence variation with some other blocks and fussy cut Halloween prints mixed in. So cute!

I brought my Halloween Zig Zag ..
Barbara made this adorable baby quilt that includes some red chenille from a gargage sale find. She took the purse/bag apart and used the outside and the lining fabrics in this, along some fabrics from her stash. Love it. And the stripy binding really is a great finish.
Here are two tables done by Nan- this one was a yard sale table that she spent hours turning into a work of art...
And this one, set for our lunch on the tablecloth she made from a JoAnn's fabric that we all thought was perfect with the candy corn fabric border she added. (Lunch was YUMMMY!)

Terry brought her Halloween circle quilt, this one with the circles sewn 1/4 inch from the edge to intentionally fray, like a bull's eye quilt...
Thanks Nan for hosting and thanks to our little group for the good conversation, sharing and supportive creativity, and for laughing with me (at me?) as the Iron Chef.
Have a wonderful Halloween!


  1. I think you need to quilt a little holster for your iron- that way it could be a "hands-free" costume and you could stuff your face with candy with both hands instead of just one! Cute idea- looks like you guys had fun! Love all the festive creativity!

  2. The rail fence Halloween quilt is Michelle's - I just brought it for all to see.

  3. Seems like a fun group. Happy Halloween. I love your iron chef costume. Very clever!!

  4. wow, what a visual display of such fun things. I love your apron.

  5. You like you're having so much fun!! I want one of those leaf quilts too!

  6. Hi Mom! I love all the Halloween quilts, and your costume is hilarious!

  7. I loved seeing the quilt group quilts again - I never get tired of seeing our quilts! I also love that you're starting another quilt and your fabrics are great! I'm going to have to steal your word..."unfinishedness"'s right up there with "unpicking!" xo, Nan

  8. The minute I saw the STICKs table. I was in love with this blog. I collect STICKS, it's my absolute fav.