Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 100th Birthday Happy Valley Grange!

We live in a suburban area with some rural roots. Happy Valley Grange is just up the road, and they are celebrating their 100th birthday. We wanted to do something to congratulate them. So of course, we made them a quilt.
It's supposed to be a wall hanging, but it's 60 inches wide and even longer. What were we thinking?

The Grange has donated the use their building for a couple of our group's quilt shows. One show was held to raise money for a young girl's liver transplant-we raised $36,000. This year, we raised almost $8,000 for American Hero Quilts. (Not bad for our group of about 12 women!) The Grange has done lots of other things for the community, including a scholarship fund, supplying dictionaries to needy students, blood drives, food bank donations, and purchasing wheelchairs for people in developing nations.

Here's Nan's appliqued version of the grange building... only thing missing is the billygoat who frequently wanders in.

Terry added yo yo centers to her dresden plate blocks.

and Helen's row is actually 4 rows- scrappy zig zags, applique, and pieced black and cream strips that we loved so much, we had her make more to help unify our collection of strips.

We used Lori's on the back to frame the Grange logo block.

Yesterday was the big event, and we (Nan, Barbara, and yours truly) presented the quilt. I'm such a marshmallow- I got all choked up thanking them for their years of service, and for helping us do a little for the community along with them. Looking out at this group of (mostly) very senior citizens, thinking about all the changes they've seen, well, it just got to me. Here in the land of Microsoft and Starbucks, and I felt like I was in a different time and place.
(And the entertainment portion of the party included an 84-year old woman playing the accordian. Yes, another time and place for sure.)


  1. A yoyo in the centre of a dresden - fabulous idea! I must try one of these one day. Such a beautiful quilt and very generous people all round. Well done to your group once again. You do make such lovely quilts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy Birthday to Happy Valley Grange!

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. Love your pics - they make our quilt look even better - if that's possible. You're a great co-conspirator!