Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flora AND Fauna...

Early morning, outside the office window...

Have a wonderful day!
(Sarah asked about the fauna- it's a coyote. There are about 8 of them who make the wooded parts of this property home. They can make quite a bit of noise, howling and barking in the night! We've seen young ones playing like puppies, which is what they really are- just not ones to play with!!)


  1. Great news about your camera! How silly is that being able to get a new one for nothing!! Unbelieveable. Is that a fox in your garden? We don't have anything that scary in our gardens thank goodness. Is this a common occurance? Are they dangerous? Clearly I know nothing about them at all! Please enlighten me.

  2. Wow. What a beautiful coyote! Ours here are much more "scraggly". Of course, here they eat our chickens - so not friends of the family. lol

  3. Lori- I checked out your blog and I see what you mean! A different breed of coyotes must live here!
    (Every night when I hear the coyotes howling, I say a little prayer for our barn cat, Ginger Snap...)