Friday, October 2, 2009

Quilt Group Friday

We held our monthly quilt group meeting at Denise's house- always fun to see what people are working on or what they've completed. And then we share a delicious lunch, and this time was no exception! (Sorry these are all close ups- I was the one helping to hold up the quilts for everyone to see. )

Here is one Ardith completed-I think we counted 12 borders on this very large quilt!

This is Denise's version of the circle quilt, to help get us in the fall frame of mind...

Denise has an Americana theme in her living room, including this quilt that was one of our group projects. We started our own quilt with a strip 60 inches long. That strip, along with a box of fabrics, then was passed on to each person in the group to do a strip designed by them. Then the strips returned to the starter, who then sewed them together as they wished. (Mine was black and white, and as you can see, Denise chose red, white and blue.) Each month, we had a different assignment- curves, applique, rectangles, etc. No two quilts look alike, that's for sure! And there's no complaining allowed- "You get what you get" is our humble little group's motto.

This is another quilt Denise cozy!

And I'll post more quilts tomorrow!


  1. oh, my...they are all lovely, but it makes me want to do the circle orange!

  2. I love the sweet colors in Ardith's quilt! The group idea with the strips is a great idea! I bet the outcome possibilities are just limitless!

  3. Love all those quilts so much. And what a great idea doing a strip each. How could anyone complain with that quilt? It's stunning. Well done to your group.

  4. You are so lucky to be part of a quilt group. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    My best friend from high school was named Ardeth (spelled with an "e'). Unusual name.

  5. I love the fabric in Ardith's quilt. What is the name of it? Thank you!